Food and drink

Food and drink


Xaviér is not a real person – it is Lepakko’s unique food concept. Xaviér loves uncomplicated food made from extremely high-quality local ingredients. Xaviér follows food trends closely and chooses the best flavours and influences. Xaviér surprises.

The best in workplace dining

Xaviér’s mission is to challenge conventional approaches and reinvent workplace dining: simple, healthy and nourishing – and always a great experience. The Xaviér ideology is implemented by chef and restaurateur Arto Rastas. With his team, he ensures that the offerings of the Laituri restaurant and the Ranta cafeteria – as well as the catering at meetings, events and special occasions – always meet the highest quality requirements.

Breakfast and lunch at Laituri

Laituri is a 450-seat restaurant that serves delicious breakfasts and lunches and a wide range of snacks. The dining room also serves as an impressive venue for corporate events: Christmas parties, crayfish parties and gala dinners, among other events.

Coffee at Ranta

The 40-seat Ranta cafeteria is the perfect place for a coffee break.

Restaurant and catering services at Lepakko

  • Laituri, 450 seats (breakfast, lunch, snacks)
  • Ranta, 40 seats (cafeteria)
  • Auditorium roof lounge, 60 seats
  • Space for employees to enjoy their packed lunches
  • Catering for events
  • Dining room (900 m2) for events and banquets